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An ATM can enhance your long-term revenue goals.

  • CashMasters ATM services both NC and SC and offers processing and ATM sales throughout the USA.

  • We’re committed to the highest quality of customer service.

  • We give you 24 hour a day, 7 days a week customer care service, technical monitoring and support.

  • We do repair and maintenance of ATM machines.

  • We do cash replenishment services.

  • We pair you with products and programs for your unique business challenges. Our recommended services will help enhance your long-term revenue goals.

  • CashMasters ATM a full service ATM company dedicated to offering the best ATM products and services, such as ATM machines, Mobile ATMs and ATM processing, at affordable prices to NC and SC and beyond.

  • CashMasters offers the highest quality ATM service and ATM placement and replenishment for one-stop-shopping.

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Q: How does money go through the ATM?
1. Customer inserts ATM card.
2. The ATM calls the processing center through a toll free number.
3. The processor verifies the customer’s pin number and checks if sufficient funds are available.
4. Final transaction information is sent to the cardholder’s bank as well as the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH).
5. The amount of the withdrawal is electronically deposited into your checking account the next business day.

Q: What Supplies are Needed supplies?
A: ATM Receipt paper which Cash Masters sells wholesale.

Q: Do I Need a Phone Line?
A: There are multiple ATM Communication Options: 1. Direct Ethernet via TCP/IP 2. Wireless via TCP/IP 3. Standard Dial-up.

Q: What is Involved in ATM installation?
A: Your installation includes having the ATM ANCHOR BOLTED to the floor, your machine should be able to withstand 12,000lbs. of pressure.

Q: Who Provides Processing and Servicing?
A: We provide processing and service for ATMs. Our business can supply equipment and service to any sized business. Let us show you how your business can profit from doing business with Cash Masters ATM.

Q: What is the Average Surcharge?
A: In the USA the Average Surcharge is around $2.00. Most hotels and tourist areas set their surcharge at $3.00+

Q: How much do you profit?
A: If you set your ATM Surcharge at $2.00 and 500 customers use it per month, you will make $1,000.00 per month in surcharge income.

1. On-Going Residual Income: on average 3% – 5% of your daily foot traffic will use your ATM.

2. Provide a competitive Edge: Providing an ATM prevents potential customers from having to shop at your competitors place of business.

3. Increased Customer Traffic and Sales: Having an ATM on-site brings in customers.

4. Reduced Risk and Lower Costs: An ATM reduces and even eliminates bad checks and credit card fees. Every credit card transaction costs you money. With an ATM on the premises, your customers are more likely to pay with cash.

5. Safety: For your customers, an on site ATM provides a safe place to withdraw cash. For you, an ATM provides a safe way to easily re-circulate available cash. It can reduce the amount of cash you keep in the register and can cut back on trips to the bank with large deposits in hand.

6. Online Monthly Transaction Detail Reports: Online reporting system that gives online access to your ATM information.

7. Installation: By an installation technician who will install and train you on all aspects of your ATM.

ATM Product Line

Genmega Onyx

Genmega G2500

Hyosung NH 2700CE

Hyosung Halo II

Triton Argo 7.0